Berwick 2509 Moka Oxford

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Producent: Berwick
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The Berwick 2509 brown is representative of the Oxford Semi Brogues style with a closed upper and with 5 holes for laces. Due to its upper design, the shoe is very close to the foot and the delicate embellish makes it less formal and it goes great with formal and smart casual compositions.


  • Leather: calf
  • Sole type: leather
  • Fitting: G
  • Colour: ciemny brąz, kawowy
  • Poziom formalności: półformalny
  • Last: 156, wider, high instep
  • Construction:  Goodyear Welted


For caring we recommend: Famaco set

Shoes are hand painting due to differences in colour and shadows can appear. It is not sign of bad quality.

Aniline leathers need proper caring without chemicals, it’ very important to use only delicate shoe creams and shoe polish based on natural wax. Such products as Saphir Renomat and shoe stretches and other impregnates can damage soft, natural detail works.

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